Renae Brabham

Piddlin in Dixie

That's what we do in the south. We are either ~piddlin~ or ~fixin to~  
I have been writing an online column for Moultrie News in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina titled
Piddlin in Dixie since 2011 in addition to writing a blog for  
Both have been thoroughly enjoyable. I just recently published a collection of the stories from the column into a book titled the same. What's current? Keep up with the Fresh Eggs Page to see what I am
piddlin on today. 
Piddlin in Dixie the book, a collection of stories from the south that will teach you how to piddle or at least ~learn~ you how to do it!  Only $9.99 at Amazon. Great reviews already! 
Click the permalink to get your copy today!
Learn about Southern Piddlin. Requirements, one afternoon and cool beverage of choice.  

A few of my favorite things......
Living, Loving and Laughing!  And...of course Writing! Rather than say I am a southern writer, I prefer to say that I am a writer that lives in the south who loves to share the wonderful stories of her home land.  Other things that I enjoy are beach walks, dancing, fishing, cooking, reading, exploring, talking and on and on and on.

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, "Wow - What a ride!" 
Piddlin in Dixie is available at Amazon or one of the links on this site. It is a fun read of true stories and experiences describing low country living. Also, if you are planning a visit to the area, there are tidbits and tips at the end of the stories to guide you to some off the beaten path experiences that you won't find in your travel brochure. Order your book today! 
~Contrary to popular belief Piddlin is not always leisure time. Piddlin can be anything from bush hogging a field to snapping a bushel basket of green beans on the front porch. It might easily be described by southerners as ~What we do when there weren't exactly any plans to do anything else~  

Grab yourself a long tall drink and sit a spell. This little Diddy will explain what piddlin is.

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